Family creativity

“We work as a family, but each one of us is independent. I would say we complement each other, that we work as partners and associates. One thing is certain: we each defend our freedom and own creativity”.     – Antoine Preziuso

Antoine Preziuso is the head of the family. The passion for watchmaking, the love of uniqueness, of the luxury of good manufacturing that comes only from time and experience are values that Antoine Preziuso claims and shares with his family members. May, his wife, has always been at his side. She is a source of undying support, in all aspects of life, not unlike a watchmaking calibre component; her role could be compared to that of a bridge. Solid and reliable. Or, perhaps better yet, to that of a differential, harmonizing as best as possible the forces and equilibriums within this extraordinary family. Laura, their daughter, expresses her talent by combining jewellery and watchmaking techniques in a mechanical jewellery collection. Florian, their son, has followed Antoine’s path. That of watchmaking and its technical difficulties that haunt you until you solve them. 

‘This sort of passion is in your genes!’ says Antoine Preziuso, when asked how he has passed on the ‘bug’ for watchmaking  and creativity to his two children.


“We work as a family, but each one of us is independent. I would say we complement each other, that we work as partners and associates. One thing is certain: we each defend our freedom and own creativity”.     – Antoine Preziuso

The father, the son and the Tri-Tourbillon

Antoine and Florian Preziuso are two watchmakers that share a close bond. They work in concert, resonating off of each other. Like his father, Florian Preziuso is fascinated by the tourbillon. Florian, incidentally, is the one who solved the equation enabling the function of the famous Tourbillon des Tourbillons, which was awarded both the Prix de l’innovation and the Prix du public at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève in 2015. Using a construction and a principle unheard of in the watchmaking world, the three tourbillons resonate with each other like three hearts beating in unison. A work of precision and technical inventiveness, the result of a joint effort and of a human, familial adventure in the long term. Over time, from one generation to the next, the name of Antoine Preziuso has been making its mark for over 39 years in the world of fine watchmaking. 

The ANTOINE PREZIUSO GENEVE brand stands for expertise, freedom and creativeness. 

“I have always been a daydreamer; Florian has a very adventurous side. We have been working together in a close-knit way for years by joining forces. For the Tourbillon des Tourbillons, I started the work and Florian found the solutions to finish it. It’s the logical continuation of the story”. Antoine Preziuso



The collection is truly innovative in that each model will comprise one of the horological complications on which Antoine Preziuso Genève has built its reputation, as well as original materials such as Meteorite.

In harmony with the family tradition, this collection is intended to be both daring and innovative; the choice of shapes and materials will be one of its strong points and a hallmark of freedom and creativity.

Laura studied at the School of l’Ecole d’Art Appliqué de Genève., specializing in jewellery.
At the close of her five years of study, during which she won the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation competition in 2004, she also graduated at the top of her class in June 2006. 
Today she divides her time between creation and teaching at the school of l’Ecole d’Art Appliqué de Genève.
Cultivating a blend of independence and cooperation clearly reminiscent of her father’s approach to his art.

Ongoing development and constant innovation

ANTOINE PREZIUSO GENEVE continued to attract attention by the spectacular designs, fascinating complications and superlative finishing of its sophisticated models. Commissions from major firms and cooperation with other creative talents in the watchmaking world fostered international expansion and the opening of new markets. Accustomed to introducing world firsts, as the TOURBILLON OF TOURBILLONS – un triple tourbillon,  including the “ART OF TOURBILLON” range which has become an acknowledged brand speciality, ANTOINE PREZIUSO GENEVE is also dedicated to research into new materials. It thus became the first firm to feature METEORITES in its timepieces – setting a stellar trend that shows no sign of diminishing. 
Haute couture and prêt à porter 
One of the key strengths of ANTOINE PREZIUSO lies in his ability to place a wealth of designer skills and know-how in the service of a broad range of customers. Collectors and connoisseurs of fine watchmaking, as well as enthusiasts and novices, are all able to find within the brand collections models that appeal to their individual tastes and requirements. From one-of-a-kind made-to-measure creations, sophisticated complications and diamond-set jewellery models,.
ANTOINE PREZIUSO GENEVE brings high-end horology within reach of all those with a serious penchant for fine craftsmanship, technical refinement and original styling.