art of tourbillon

In our day, the original, practical purpose of the tourbillon is surpassed by the prestige that it has acquired due to its sheer ingenuity, complexity and aesthetic appeal.

Antoine Preziuso, could not resist the chance to create his own variation on a theme that is already two hundred years young.
Since 2002 already, The art of Tourbillon is proposed many unique variations.

The collection, which has become one of the brand’s icons, is equipped with a Swiss tourbillon  in house movement, cal APG / 28T, which each of its révolutions, only takes one minute, offering 110 hours of power reserve.

Remaining true to the spirit of that High Horology who used to combine the talents of the very best craftsmen, each component of the movement is fully engraved by hand  which makes each piece a unique  high quality work.

The dimensions of the shaped case – reaching 42mm with a height of 12 mm – fit perfectly into the rules of proportion which is to designing modern aesthetics.